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If You Need Tree Services Speak To Flawless Property Maintenance

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Arboriculture services for both residential and commercial customers around Swindon. We get the work done safely and effectively with a team of skilled tree surgeons and the best equipment. Whatever the magnitude of the work, we're here to help and finish it on time.

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Cutting trees


If you have a tree that appears to be a little too top-heavy, needs cutting back or thinning out, please get in touch with the team at Flawless Property Maintenance.

We'll individually assess each tree, taking into account key features such as its shape and size, overall condition and location, to enable us to carry out the procedure safely and in a way that's best for the overall health of the tree.

All huge limbs removed will be lowered using ropes and slings which not only ensures a safe procedure for the team but avoids harm to the tree and its nearby surroundings. 

Branch collars will be cut back to remove branches that are dead, or showing signs of disease or damage.


If you have a requirement for us to remove a tree (or trees) we will be pleased to help. 

We will only undertake the felling of trees where there is no risk of property damage. We must ensure that there are no telephone or electrical lines crossing through or close to the tree. The tree should either have a natural lean in the felling direction (or is standing straight), together with at least 5m clearance from nearby structures. Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements is greater detail. 

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees
Planting a Tree


We can recommend suitable trees for a specific location and aid with tree planting. If you are not qualified as a tree arborist and inadvertently plant the incorrect tree in the wrong place, you may contribute to issues such as slow growth and disease. We'll provide you solid advice on what to plant and how to care for your tree.

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